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Cadbury Launches New Double Decker Ice Cream


The new Double Decker ice cream was spotted in Asda. Credit: Kev's Snack Reviews/Instagram

A photograph of the frozen yogurt was presented on Instagram account @kevssnackreviews – kept running by a chap got down on Kev who approaches the sneak to chase down the most up to date, most noteworthy tidbits so we don’t need to (otherwise known as our saint).

Imparting the new find to the world, he expressed: “New Cadbury Double Decker Ice Cream with chewy nougat center £3 at Asda.”

It doesn’t give off an impression of being accessible on the Asda site at this time – or anyplace else so far as that is concerned – however no uncertainty soon it’ll be in coolers in homes over the UK really soon.

All things considered, who doesn’t care for the sound of chocolate frozen yogurt with Cadbury pieces and nougat dessert with firm pieces, with a chewy nougat center in the center?


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