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Cadbury Launches New Double Decker Ice Cream

The Double Decker ice cream even has a chewy nougat core. Credit: Kev's Snack Reviews/Instagram

Remarking on the Instagram post, numerous individuals were in a flash sold.

“I need this in my life!” one individual composed.

“This needs to get in my tummy,” another said.

Another person got more inventive, remarking: “Ruler of the sloth areolas spare me, we are not commendable.”

A fourth expressed: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I LOVE twofold deckers, the spread is astounding. Woah.”

Furthermore, a fifth included: “Omfg I’m sold.”

LADbible has reached Cadbury for input.

On the off chance that you’ve never had a Double Decker (in which case, walk yourself round to the closest corner shop RIGHT NOW), the mainstream chocolate bar is made of two differentiating however wonderful layers of firm grain and delicate nougat, all covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.


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